Fierce battle report

The highlight

The sixth of a knowing "gluttony king." It is fight to decide "the truth is number one in Japan" by first man and woman mixture war in a year this time.
Influential seven players who fought successfully through qualifier including Minoru Takahashi cherry tree which showed potence of wonder by former King Yamamoto who it was "Queen gluttony" Gal Sone who was at the height of the popularity and meeting in last year that we won the championship in this meeting of last year, and challenged giant Shirata who dominated "a gluttony king", and was defeated by Shirata, gluttony new face excavation round. Eight people who included giant Shirata develop impressive fight hot intensely!
It wins many fierce battles, and who is it really to obtain "the strongest title?"

Gluttony of eight men and women including Gal Sone who former King Yamamoto who promised and spring Queen round won king, giant Shirata, revenge of meeting, and aimed at King true gluttony gathered last time in Yokohama in order to decide the strongest gluttonous king of 2007. We aim at five pieces of tickets to to island Bali of gods, and hot fight finally begins in here!

●The first match
One round of memorable ingredient is banana of product in South America. Banana has abundant nutrition, and sugar content tends to become higher from the comfortable climate condition, and product in South America has unique rich sweetness above all. And the first match began. Time limit is 45 minutes in 150 g of contents one of the banana. What come home in the first match as expected…?
●The second match
Bus with seven people who fought successfully through the first match arrived at Tokyo, Tennozu.
Taste of long-established store as for two rounds of ingredients in business for 60 years. It is feeling relieved ingredients using Daisen chicken which grew up in Nature of the beautiful San-in district of wed. It is 45 minutes with one dish of 150 g in time limit.
●The third match
The third match for Bali going. Bus with party arrived at downtown area, Yushima Tenjin of Tokyo. Three rounds of ingredients are taste of breakfast of Japanese. One cup of rice which we hung these ingredients of flavor that is large, and tenacity is strong, and is thick is 45 minutes with 150 g in time limit.
Who is it as expected to have ticket to Bali in the hand? However, it was shocking ending that the program staff did not expect to have been waiting there….
●The quarterfinals
They fought successfully through fierce fight in Japan, and players arrived at Bali.
Ingredients of the quarterfinals are 45 minutes with thing using pork which is indispensable for seat and festival of celebration in Bali in time limit.
●The semifinals
It is finally the semifinal of meeting. Beach where the setting sun is about to set in stage.
Who gains one way to the final permitted only three people?
The semifinals using ingredients produced a lot in the Bali sea near the shore are 45 minutes in time limit.
It is on the verge of the final, and whom does one person falling off become as expected?
●The final
Three people of final advance that rode out many games. Those ingredients which are familiar in the final of King gluttonous as for the ingredients of the final that has been carried to venue where there was feeling of strain.
Three players that strain increases in front of gluttonous ingredients which do not cool down least hot in history under the scorching sun pouring into Bali. Game is taking a long time of 60 minutes. It becomes the key to game how you overcome the sun and heat of soup.
With start, that player who did not appear of condition jumps out until now.
The inside under hot weather is silent, and players who usually show smile are opposite to ingredients.
And, with signal of the competition end of the final, venue was surrounded by warm applause happened in nature and big cheers. Who is it as expected that we become a true gluttony king, and show the best smile?


Nobuyuki Shirata

Gluttony king who achieved revenge to Yamamoto last year. We challenge the second straight victory by overwhelming strength.

Natsuko Sone

*shokujoo which won spring Queen war consecutively 2. We win meeting in now of man and woman mixture war and aim at true gluttonous Queen.

Takahashi beauty cherry tree

New face of wonder that showed overwhelming strength by gluttonous new face excavation war carried out by national vertical section.

Takuto Izumi

Individuality group gluttony player to be come from behind just before the end in the last semifinals by Gal Sone, and to promise revenge to.

Takuya Yamamoto

We are defeated by Shirata by the last Hokkaido decisive battle and were demoted to former King Yamamoto, but we promise revival, and hair color is blond, too! We aim at overthrow Shirata.

Yuko Shoji Takashi Onoda The Sugawara first generation
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