●The first match
Seven gluttons round hand who went ashore in north earth, Hokkaido in order to decide a true gluttony king.
One round of memorable ingredient is that familiar ingredient at home.
However, boil thing from Koshimizu-cho; and excellent; do, and bake; and excellent; fantastic kind that can eat only in three beats of prepared Hokkaido when do, and fry, and is good.

●The second match
In cold that sea breeze pierces skin,
Players arrived at Tokoro fishing port in Kitami-shi that was two rounds of venues.
There was unprecedented feeling of strain in the spot while character of lovely town called "tokorokun" met.
Ingredients are marine products only in Hokkaido

●The third match
The earth which is full of green that wed of Kushiro River brings up.
Five gluttons that anyone can win the championship line up for the ground, multi-peace of decisive battle to see the very large horizon.
Filling one article that up-and-coming ingredients were brought up in land of Shibecha-cho with heat and cold difference of 60 degrees a year.

●The semifinals
The stage was moved to Shibetsu-cho located at the coast of Nemuro Channel.
Nature and heat wear cold sea breeze and Shibetsu fishing port where it drizzles by big catch flag and bonfire.
Local cuisine that we can taste ingredients only here using that fish more than 16,000 tons a year of fish catches.

●The final
The last stage to select a true gluttony king as is center, Kushiro-shi of Eastern Hokkaido.
In front of gluttonous ingredients which do not cool down least hot in history, strain is extremely increasing players.
Game is taking a long time of 60 minutes. What kind of strategy do players confront these ingredients by?

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