Urgent rebroadcast decision!
Sunday, November 6 from 10:30 to 11:25
Qualifier - one round
Sunday, November 6 from 20:00 to 21:48
The final contest

・Tokyo qualifier (three election)
... meat siomai all-you-can-eat (30 minutes) ...
Tokyo qualifier where eminent members including legendary champion and previous meeting participants ever predominant in generation participated in.
It is meat siomai with full of the volume to challenge.

・Osaka qualifier (three election)
... roast xiaolongbao all-you-can-eat (30 minutes) ...
Osaka qualifier producing champion in the last time is full of skilled players this time.
Fight that was high level was developed.

We compete with three Representative three Tokyo representatives who fought successfully through qualifier, Osaka in seven people of one champion in total in the last time.

●Final contest Shinde
・Existing gluttony king Takuya Yamamoto
Representative from ... Tokyo ...
・The second generation strongest man "giant Shirata"
・Last time second place "artist spring"
・2000 Nagoya meeting champion "east Queen Iwata"
Representative ... Osaka ...
・The second generation tiger "doctor Nishikawa"
・Last time third place "comics face Todo"
・Mystery Queen candidate "Gal Sone"

<the final contest>
... shinnoetsugoro*shokuketsusen
Assume Karuizawa the starting point, to iza Niigata.
In Shinshu, Echigo place of early fall, we eat up specialties of each place and popular menus.

●The first match: Karuizawa (45 minutes game /7 name → six)
It is game by popular food which is good in morning of plateau made with old-line company of Karuizawa.
Fight of 45 minutes with an ex-glutton king participating in the war.
Rivalry outbreak between generations?
For close battle singular as for the game in history of program!

... shinnoetsugoro*shokuketsusen
Assume Karuizawa the starting point, to iza Niigata.
In Shinshu, Echigo place of early fall specialties of each place and popular menu
Eat up.

●The second match: Ueda (45 minutes game /6 name → five)
Party who arrived in Ueda of specialty only in Shinshu
We challenge glutton. Unique taste and flavor.
Is it over whether this appears with good luck with bad luck?

●The third match: Uonuma (30 minutes game /5 name → four)
Players who soaked in hot spring on the previous night, and took a rest,
To Minami-Uonuma-shi, Niigata spreading out of rural scenery.
Gluttony of specialties which are famous nationwide here, 30 minutes game
We are developed.

●The semifinals: Teradomari (60 minutes game /4 name → three)
The stage to Teradomari Port.
While we are lighted up by light of fishing boat colored by big catch flag,
We challenge popular glutton.
We play until now for longer 60 minutes.
Players who hide fighting spirit inward, and continue eating silently calmly.
Story shikakerarenaihodono quite good in the spot as for the emcee
There is feeling of strain.

●The final :Tsubamesanjo (90 minutes game)
The completion of fight is popular shop in Tsubame-shi.
Unique food culture that was tied to local industry closely, and developed.
The food becomes famous nationwide now.
It is quantity and becoming conspicuous, heat with more than of appearance to have been waiting for player.
And it was long scene called 90 minutes.

The highlight
Of "gluttony" that revived this spring after an interval of three years The second.

Gluttonous pride of more than 100 people gathers from the whole country. We crash in the final contest that six people who fought successfully through open qualifier wonderfully in Tokyo and Osaka defeat King gluttony of previous meeting.

The best fight impressive intensely hot to decide "a gluttony king" in Japan. Legendary champion ever predominant in generation this time participates in the war.
Confrontation for guts of gluttonous "second generation" and "third generation" is right developed.

Is the best as expected true "gluttony in Japan" somebody?
... qualifier ... 
Tokyo: Yoshinari Tsuji Sakura Uehara
Osaka: Shigeru Kajiwara Erika Yamakawa

... final contest ...
Yuji Nakamura

KABA-chan (the first match)
Chisato Morishita (the first match)
Naoya Ogawa (the third match)
Takako Akasaka (the second match, semifinals)
Tsurutaro Kataoka (the final)

Recruitment of gluttony players
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