Woman grudge meal

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Program summary

New sense! It is at the very limit of broadcast while having we meet dishes X revelation talk variety various woman guests and a good memory love with ex-boyfriend is plentiful and make home cooking of "grudge is plentiful"? It is program to ask about "ex-boyfriend talk" of this.


Masayasu Wakabayashi (Audrey)
Akane Kaebuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)

The first (October 5 broadcast)
Seira Sato (former SKE48) "rumblingly fully! Parting night white stew"

Ex-girlfriend appearance that went out with that one returned recently by TV for a little less than two years!
On earth how were you urged? Furthermore, with "a certain word" that decided parting?

michopa "promise of Valentine who was not able to carry out! Akabane, Kita-ku sweet potato"

"ario of Kawaguchi as for the date!" Revelation naked by past romance talk full of local feelings!

Kawamura Emiko (dandelion) "repeated boyfriend and love, and repeated studies…Waffle & salad only in the world"

Everybody knows man! Kawamura who associated with president of super famous item.
We show "ultimate waffle" that we repeat studies in two people and arrived with photograph of sad two people!

The second (October 12 broadcast)
Nobuko Miyazaki (announcer at former Nippon Television) "lonely siomai" which "we cooked while crying at the last night

Why have you divorced former master who went together from the active female announcer era?
We cook "too lonely siomai" which we ate in the last sun with sad episode at the time!

Happy Watanabe (comedian); "wanted to become your angel! Wedding banana cheese"

Ex-girlfriend who went together before smash hit entertainer "T angel" wins the championship in M-1 appears!
Wakabayashi dong discount! "Ex-boyfriend item" which shock is over appears in kitchen!

Ramie "ate by the first date! Catcher fly of chicken"

The world that commoner does not know…We reveal date of encounter one & surprise with professional baseball player!
Furthermore, "super celebrity dolphin painter" global is ex-boyfriend! We show until 2 forbidden shots?

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