February 23, 2018 broadcast ※ Broadcast on Friday, February 23 becomes broadcast from late-night 0:22. Episode 7 Wife flies into a rage by flirtation scandal?
Tragedy of Mizukawa whom lie invited…Regain love of wife with "Saint fighter Saint arrow" Pegasus comet fist!

Kosuke Mizukawa (Yasufumi Terawaki) who is perfect for Hiroshi (Atsushi Ito) is winner of the life. It is said, it "resembles oneself for reason to play the part of dragon purple dragon as for Mizukawa to stake the life on that it is cool for friend". But wife, Mari of Mizukawa who should be foreigner who appeared in shop is Japanese! If upset Mizukawa is cool, the truth is reverse! Besides, Mari doubting flirtation flies into a rage! Mizukawa asks cooperation of daughter and member of club to heap up wedding anniversary to regain trust of wife….

  • Episode 7 story scene photograph
  • Episode 7 story scene photograph

Guest performer

  • Mari Mizukawa Minako Tanaka
  • Sari Mizukawa Mayu Hotta

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