March 23, 2018 broadcast Episode 11

Tsuchida jump (Shigeru Saiki) attacked by someone confesses fact of shock. In fact, it is said that it is future person who came after 100 years. Is considered to be comics = evilness by the future; Weekly Jump in particular is enemy. Besides, for situation that AI censoring takes charge, and comics become extinct more and more. Tsuchida who was looking for cooperator across space-time in order to follow comics. But is attacked by assassinator; in the present age influence! Tsuchida calls for help to Hiroshi Tsukiyama (Atsushi Ito) and others, but there is not guarantee to be able to return from the future. Hiroshi and others' decision? Can you keep jump?

  • Episode 11 story scene photograph
  • Episode 11 story scene photograph

Guest performer

  • AI Rio Suzuki
  • Video girl ・
    Amano eye
    Nanase Nishino


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