It is raw this year! Overdone legend that keeps on laughing
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M C : Koji Imada / Koji Higashino
Performer : Quit; 50 cause entertainers


★iroiroattayo 2011! Quit; cause size tiered stand for dolls talk
○In order to complete 2011…Marriage! Delivery! The truth of case that from happy report!
  Entertainer world case book talk whom there are tears which there is revelation in in

★Pantyhose slimy woman entertainer battle
○Quite popular every year annual plan!
  Serious battle to fight desperately to escape from punishment kiss with entertainer whom woman entertainer does not want to kiss
  We keep woman entertainer devoting the life, and acting violently!

★It is special in new spring! Super New Comedy (stage)
○Chairperson Fujii & Koyabu! Besides, as for Imada & Tono to the stage!
  It is special episode of Miyaba & friend close no musical taste infusion more!

★Who is work luck No. 1? Yoshimoto entertainer best 50 to sell most in 2012!
○Magnificent fortune-telling ranking special of throb to feel nervous about every year!

※Broadcast content may be changed.