Father 7 who works in the world
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Japanese fathers who take up a job leaving his family behind abroad, and work.
As for returning home being surprised to try to be growth of children between absence a few times a year often….
In such fathers doing their best abroad, children are field visits secretly this time!
The distance of trip is a series of throbs. And father who works seeing for the first time….
Adventure of summer vacation of children begins.


MC  :  Takeshi Tsuruno, Yukina Kinoshita
Guest  :  Kazuo Tokumitsu, Akira Hokuto
Narrator  :  Hiroyuki Amano (chi - n), Tomoyo Harada


* Indonesia
Twin sisters of third grader visit father (37 years old) working for company dealing with motor parts production.
It is said that we like father who is setup member of factory in capital Jakarta of Indonesia, game as, in fact, we bring game console into the field.
Scattered two people cooperate this time, and do you do well at both character and action as expected in usual times when you want favorite father looking good with permanent to see figure which grew up?

* Laos
The second son (fifth grader) visits father (43 years old) working for major general contractor.
Laos which is said to be "the Southeast Asian last unexplored region." Work of father is field overseer of highway construction. For Laos which does not face the sea, road linking other countries is right the pivot of development.
We are equal now for approximately 20 years in overseas assignment career of father who stays at the lodgings in construction site, and works.
Only in the place getting drunk speaking of the second son who has not lived hardly together after we are born, figure of father knowing alone…The weak second son of mind usually leaves for large adventure of stirring up a little when we want to see on seeing figure acting properly!

* Korea
The eldest daughter (fifth grader) visits father (42 years old) working as physical coach of Korean K league.
Father who works as physical coach by K league team in Korea, Jeju Island.
In noble Fujieda east High School native place of soccer, it is childhood friend with Hiroshi Nanami of former representative from Japan. Such father, fruit are homesickness now…We contact the eldest daughter every day and are. To the eldest daughter who appeared in front suddenly father?

○Netherlands [broadcast particularly the day before precedent on Saturday, September 20 from 1:30 p.m.!]
The eldest daughter (fifth grader) and the eldest son (third grader) visit father (38 years old) working for company presenting store specializing in sweets throughout Japan.
Father who is doing engineer in production factory which we prepared into the Netherlands as clue of overseas development in home Europe of sweets. It is with development average now in automatic Kaiwarinus equula plane.
Father who is maudlin so as to cry in front of child when we come back to the Netherlands when we sometimes return home, reaction to children who came over suddenly?

[a word from producer]
Trip to unknown country which can be called great adventure and "reward" to wait for over there are face to be surprised at of father and smiles for children….
Family love that was bound together in firm bond well even if we live a feeling of throb of trip apart is felt program.
In addition, with Japanese technique to be able to be proud of to the world, father fighting alone abroad must see it.
Please see by all means in whole family!

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The Netherlands
The Netherlands
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