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Japanese fathers who take up a job leaving his family behind abroad, and work. As for returning home being surprised to try to be growth of children between absence a few times a year often…. Visit secretly local in such fathers doing their best abroad children!
This visit is Chile, Zambia, Mexico, the United States. Figure that a series of throbs and father seeing for the first time work as for the distance of trip…. Adventure of spring vacation of children begins.


MC  :  Ryuta Sato
Assistant MC  :  Susanne
Guest  :  Kazuo Tokumitsu, Yoshiko Miyazaki
Narrator  :  Tomoyo Harada, Hiroyuki Amano (chi - n)


Father (43 years old) who is astronomical researcher is staying in Chilean Atacama Desert now. Height that Atacama Desert is famous as spot where "starlit sky that is the most beautiful in the world" is seen in, and altitude is equal to 5000m and Kilimanjaro. At astronomical observatory in Atacama Desert, father continues studying with researchers of all the countries of the world day and night. The eldest daughter of new third grader goes on a trip to Chile this time. As for the future dream, wish of the eldest daughter to be scientist "wants to see the world's most beautiful starlit sky with father!" . Can you meet end of long long way taking approximately 40 hours, safe father?…?

* Zambia
Father (46 years old) who works in Zambia located in the southern part of African Continent. In city road of capital Lusaka of Zambia, nearly half of them are unpaved, and damage is in a remarkable state for simple pavement that remaining road is more than in 25 years ago. Father wrestles for improvement of traffic jam and hygiene state in the city including maintenance of road and setting of undeveloped drainage as field overseer of construction company and sales representative. It is the eldest daughter of new sixth grader to leave this time. We practiced hard with new dishes saying "we want to handcraft lunch to father!". Reaction of father…?

* Mexico
Father (42 years old) who is engineer of production, sales company of large-scale refrigerator for duties and salesman. Overseas starting for the new post is long, and last from duty in South American Brazil, from one year ago to Mexico. We play an active part as leader of Latin America team covering the whole area of South America and deliver large refrigerator for business use to global drink maker mainly. The second daughter of the eldest daughter of new seventh grader and new fourth grader in two people to Mexico. In wish to "want to show father uniform look of junior high school" of the eldest daughter, carry out; and reaction of father…?

* United States
Father (42 years old) who works as researcher of production, sales company of automotive chemical such as brake fluid, engine coolant. The eldest daughter of the eldest son of new fifth grader and new second grader visits father devoting himself to study in United States Chicago. In fact, father that March is birthday. Children are determined saying "we want to hold meeting by surprise on birthday of father!". Is father to be afraid of, but usually carry out; and whereabouts of surprise…?

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