Father who works in the world
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MC: Takeshi Tsuruno Becky guest: Kazuo Tokumitsu others

Narrator: Tomoyo Harada Hidehiko Ishizuka

Reporter: Red Yoshida (Thailand) Asami Kumakiri (Chile) yarusenasu Ishii (Alaska)

Program summary

Japanese fathers who take up a job leaving his family behind abroad, and work.

As for returning home being surprised to try to be growth of children between absence a few times a year often….

In such fathers doing their best abroad, children are field visits secretly this time! The distance of trip is a series of throbs.

And father who works seeing for the first time…. Adventure of summer vacation of children begins.


①Chile…Only daughter of fifth grader visits father (41 years old) working for frozen facilities company.

       Sales and maintenance of facilities frozen as for the work of father.

       We provide special moment freezing technology to customize salmon accounting for 80% of salmon circulating in Japan from Chile,

       For these seven years, we return to Japan only once a year. We measure height of beloved daughter whenever we return home,

       We are looking forward to the growth above all.

       Daughter who visits such a father. In fact, let alone the first foreign countries, we have not gone out of town alone.

       Thought to "want to send underwear which is new as underwear of father is worn-out whenever we return home"….

       Can you really arrive safely?  And reaction of father?

②Bhutan…Father (42 years old) who change, and supervises construction of bridge connecting mountains country, Bhutan and India with the eldest daughter (sixth grader)

           The second daughter (second grader) is visited.

③Alaska…Father (45 years old) who continues taking photograph of animals living to Alaska as free-lance photographer,

                  The second son (fifth grader) visits. However, we do not know where you photograph point from base camp.

                  Can you find out safely in vast snowy field?

④Thailand…The second son (fifth grader) visits father (42 years old) working for construction company making factory of Japanese car company,

            It is said that son wants to say if he can meet father safely…?