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Program summary

It is one year from earthquake disaster.

With Iwate, Otsuchi-cho that the mayor and staff of large number of government offices were sacrificed for tsunami, and administration functioned, and there was not,

Miyagi, Yamamoto-cho that 120 houses suffered among strawberry farmhouses which were 130, and did not manage industry.

We describe people starting main from zero in story of reproduction of two towns.

Victim oneself and volunteer take hand and, in Otsuchi-cho, struggle for town planning in the situation that we cannot depend on administration for

Strawberry farming family whom support was declined to with saying in town and agricultural cooperative switches state from mom and pop operation to company in Yamamoto-cho and plans comeback

We collect data on design each.

Narrator: Mariko Oe (TV TOKYO announcer)

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[croquette restaurant which Otsuchi-cho, Iwate - victim that administration did not function cooked]

In Iwate, Otsuchi-cho, the mayor was sacrificed by tsunami, and revival was late for delay. It is spread 300 meters in tsunami in this town,

Ryoichi Usuzawa who had narrow escape from death runs volunteer "true heart open space" near temporary housing.

Open space that we started from from tent as tea drunkard place where victims can drop in at casually receives support such as volunteers

We continue evolving. Counselor's office of victim took role as support base while administration did not function once once.

And we began business as croquette restaurant in December. Person working in croquette restaurant is victim.

It works to open lunch provider following croquette restaurant in February.

We send delicious meal to the elderly living on temporary construction and victim oneself feel lunch provider where it is in place of the employment with need

We create.

Through movement of true heart open space, we want to draw what stricken area demands.


[challenge of Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi - strawberry farm and indies which do not manage industry] 

120 farmhouses suffered among strawberry farmhouses where there was 130 in Miyagi, Yamamoto-cho.

Takashi Iwasa having father who planted strawberry in Yamamoto-cho for the first time after the war is the one.

To Iwasa who all the agricultural machinery was exiled to home, but wants to restart strawberry cultivation in succession to the will of the deceased of father in this Yamamoto-cho,

Agricultural cooperative notified, "we cannot support for three years before revival plan being unified". We cannot but do it only in oneself.

When there is limit by mom and pop operation, Iwasa calls out to other damaged farming families; in June "Yamamoto strawberry farm"

We launched. Iwasa decided to use stricken area support fund at the same time to pursue financing in banks.

If 2,000 people finance small 10,000 yen, we can take out energy bill and personnel expenses of house cultivation.

It is "ZIN-SIL gin sill" of indies band to have stood up to support the "Yamamoto strawberry farm".

Let Iwasa appear on music PV of "living" which made up, and improve in YouTube, investment to small fund

We called. And it delivers the music in iTune, and it is structure of support to contribute earnings.

New support using net began to move youths, and application rates of fund exceeded 70%.

Yamamoto strawberry farm ships strawberry for the first time after earthquake disaster in February. When the strawberry wants at first investors to eat

Iwasa talks.

ZIN-SIL has begun to move to support newly another farmhouse. In pursuit of activity of victim and ZIN-SIL, we want to convey today's support.

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