World shock story
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The modern society where we live in is always the situation side by side with danger.
We may face unimaginable situation overnight.
We must make a decision to control the later life then.
Is it tragedy that there is over there? Or is it miracle?
This program actually introduces story of shock that happened in the world.


Kippei Shiina

Broadcast content

☆Aviation panic of shiver! Another pilot who appeared on passenger plane which we could not steer!
1989. We pick up 296 crew passengers, and United Airlines flight 232 flies over United States Iowa
We did. Then trouble occurs to one engine of three engines suddenly. Furthermore, to keep balance; shi
u yokumen did not function and fell into the critical situation that you must steer only with two remaining engines.
In this situation we fall…. However, another pilot emerged from seat then!
In desperate situation, desperate flight begins! As expected fate of 296 crew passengers?

☆Jailbreak from impregnable guard prison! Escape drama of casino continuation robbery criminal!
2005. Prison of north Nevada. In prison of impregnable guard which no prison breaker takes out so far,
There was man who planned jailbreak. Jodie Thompson who was taken on the charge of 34 consecutive robbery at casinos.
Truck that what he fixed on comes over to prison every morning. And one day we let jailbreak succeed at last.
On earth what is the method? Jodie began casino robbery again afterwards. However, the police are jailbreak criminals in the investigation of passion, too
We corner this. And Jodie who was made to be in a predicament makes an unexpected decision.

☆The miraculous safe return! Fierce survival of family left behind in blizzard!
1992. Gym and wife Jennifer were with 4-month-old baby and went to funeral service of the parents' house by car.
However, we are stranded for journey, the snow. It is three people waiting for help, but help does not come even if a few days pass….
Temperature was below the freezing point, and rudder survived snow when there was not food and was thirsty. Meanwhile, wife hurts waist and is moved
But, in the situation not to get…. In this situation we die with three people…. In the severe situation, there makes a decision to be husband to protect wife and baby. Fate of family left behind in blizzard as expected?

☆15-year-old boys employed in limit state! Is it life or death? Decision that is destined!
June, 1996. Three 15-year-old boys challenged trekking to go down gorge of the Grand Canyon by activity of the Boy Scout. But physical strength is suddenly robbed of by unexpected temperature more than 40 degrees and steep rocky place day after day. And wed of all the members attacked there at last. Furthermore, guides of adult who went together were not able to get motion at limit of physical strength…. There make a decision to be three boys at a loss in extreme state. Can you reach home plate safely as expected?

☆Strange phenomenon of fear! House to hear voice of ghost!
Shay family who lived in United States Arkansas was looking for the new address. Then we found old house built in the 1700s and decided moving. However, family comes to hear weird voice before long.
In mother who felt uneasiness for strange phenomenon to continue day after day checking strange phenomenon in library. Then it is said that a certain library staff lived in "house where ghost appears" before. What house was house where Shay family lived in now. What is that there was in this house in the past?…. With real identity of strange phenomenon to attack home as expected?

☆Recovery dramatic husband who suffered from dementia! The days of fight against illness that family supported!
69-year-old man who lived in Niigata lived a healthy life even after retiring itself from taxi driver.
However, this year began, and walk has suddenly become difficult. Disease of man "idiopathic original ordinary pressure hydrocephalus."
Main symptom is walk disorder and incontinence of urine and dementia. When we visited authority of original ordinary pressure hydrocephalus, hospital in choishi,
It is revealed that dementia progresses. Troubled wife decides to have an operation.
And husband supported by family shows dramatic recovery after the operation!