World shock story [fear and shocking videos special of midsummer!]
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Program summary

The modern society where we live in is always the situation side by side with danger.
We may face unimaginable situation overnight.
We must make a decision to control the life then.
Is it tragedy that there is over there? Or is it miracle?
This program actually introduces story of shock that happened in the world.


Kippei Shiina

Broadcast content

☆Strange phenomenon of fear! Son who was fascinated by demon!
United States New York. Investigator Stacy of supernatural phenomenon lived with son Jamie with husband.
One day Stacy went for investigation into graveyard with Jamie. Then two people witness the shadow of a person moving weirdly.
We had strange star-shaped wounds on thigh of Jamie the next day.
So that Jamie becomes funny as if we were fascinated by someone, and supernatural phenomenon is caused afterwards in house.
On earth what did these parent and child have as expected? Can you save Jamie?

☆Mysterious case file! Spell of the world's oldest mummy "Iceman!"
In September, 1991, the world's oldest mummy was discovered in the Italian snowy mountains. It was named "Iceman", and the mummy consisted for one which we investigated of researchers by having frozen. Then, 13 years later, man of the first detector was discovered dead. Curiously the body was posture identical to Iceman at the time of discovery.
People concerned with Iceman died a mysterious death in sequence, and the death toll rose to eight people in total afterwards.
Is this accidental as expected? Or is it spell of Iceman?

☆Jailbreak from impregnable guard prison! Was covered by the back of sheet; is skill in jailbreak!
One man was contained in prison "supermarket max" for exclusive use of brutal criminal of United States Mississippi.
The name of man is Roy Harper. He who repeated crime and jailbreak plans jailbreak until now here.
We used sheet skillfully and, in cooperation with convict John who was in neighboring cell, pushed forward plan of jailbreak secretly.
It is finally the day of the jailbreak…. Can they break out of prison of impregnable guard as expected?

☆Chase inspection Bigfoot unconfirmed creature!
Bigfoot investigation team which left for forest of United States Oregon for new investigation. It is the cause in witness information
We inspect while comparing with picture which was actually photographed in this. We are convinced that Bigfoot is in this forest surely,
Investigation team divided into two groups makes full use of various items and lures Bigfoot.
Then we heard sound that beat thu! It is nearby, and is there Bigfoot?
We wait still for the figure in the depths of forest…. Can they really meet with Bigfoot?


Program information

Wednesday, August 13 6:57 p.m. broadcast
"Most fear picture nonstop" and collaboration!
Fear and shocking videos four hours special of midsummer!