World shock story [winter fear and shocking videos four hours special]
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The modern society where we live in is always the situation side by side with danger.
We may face unimaginable situation overnight.
We must make a decision to control the life then.
Is it tragedy that there is over there? Or is it miracle?
This program actually introduces story of shock that happened in the world.


Kippei Shiina (navigator)

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... case special ... of "fear and shiver"

☆Strange phenomenon of fear! Closet which was cursed!
2003, the United States. Stacy of single mother who moved in to new town with Jason of son. We found weird doll in closet of the new home. Jason liked doll and came to play together…Thereafter weird phenomenon begins to happen in family. Voices of strange child. Hand of Jason becoming bloody suddenly. Stacy that thought weirdly closed closet considered to be the cause with nail. However, further strange phenomenon attacks home! What really happened in this house?

☆Strange phenomenon of fear! There is somebody except family in nursery!
2006, the United States. We were given child, and couple who was looking for the new home with nursery found the new home with pool and began happy living. However, strange phenomenon happens to this family suddenly. Father who asked for praying causes accident. Sense that somebody pats hair makes. We witness the terrible soul in pool. When we check thought, house weirdly…It becomes clear that there is the past of surprise. With real identity of the soul to take family as expected?

☆"Mysterious case that happened in the world! Pilot who met with UFO"
Pilot, Carlos of small plane went to Mexico City Airport. Then mysterious flight object appeared suddenly. It is object of circle approximately 4m in diameter with gray. One plane of those collides with body among three mysterious objects in right and left and front. Body lost control suddenly. Approximately 18 minutes later…Small plane which mysterious object passes, and control of body returned to is arrival of the safety at airport. It was thought that Carlos saw hallucination, but three flight objects were reflected in radar other than the body of Carlos. Besides, it is said that the object does short turn of 270 degrees and disappeared. Movement that it is impossible to normal airplane. On earth what is the flight object?

☆"Mysterious case that happened in the world! Red rain of fear!"
In Sri Lanka, red rain continued to fall for 60 days. The government urgently starts red rainy investigation. Then it is revealed that fine particles of cell of creature are included in the rain. Though it did not have DNA when we continued investigating, it was mystery that continued multiplying. As for the real identity of cell, possibility of creature out of the earth was thought about. We think that expert has red relation to meteorite which dropped in the area one week ago in the rain and start investigation. Besides, there was concern about influence on human body because radiological uranium was included in mysterious red cell. What is red rainy real identity as expected?

☆"Jailbreak from impregnable guard prison! Fellow and jailbreak plan of cutey that we planned!"
1991, flathead net state Somers prison. One man was taken here. The name of man is Ronald·Roux tongue. We got punishment of 19 years on the charge of theft. He decides jailbreak without brutal criminals such as murder being able to tolerate life of most prisons. In similarly meeting murderer Frank who planned jailbreak, and cooperating in such a case. Two people obtain tool necessary for jailbreak under eyes of prison guard skillfully. And it is finally jailbreak der Tag. Does plan of two people succeed as expected?

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