Thing - 30 days all energy working ... to earn money in the world
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Do you know the word "seka shu?"

Meaning of these words right out "finding a job in the world."

Prediction that youths who will leave Japan for job abroad in future that Japanese working abroad year by year should increase increase appears. However, it is reality that, on the other hand, hurdle is high in youths that there are not many qualification and skills taking work of high income in the world. There are many people handling Japan and work with relation by wage which is not high at all hard and, in the world, exists. Therefore by this program…

1. We know "preciousness of earning money" some other time abroad!
While camera does not turn around Japanese youth for 30 days; serious labor. We drain sweat with local people in the workplace which makes familiar product in Japan and work and sense importance, preciousness of earning money bodily.

2.Money that we earned abroad for the first time, what is made locally?
30 days, reality of the local country to feel only after being live-in, and making serious labor. What can people who were taken care of for money that oneself earned in the country do? Surprise happy for money that made money for parting sun, friend of the workplace and family of homestay! We aim at "life-sized international contribution" of form different from endowment and volunteer activity in Japan again.

Thing - 30 days all energy working ... to earn money in the world


・Company dormitory is live-in and works in dried bonito factory of Philippines!

・Mexican world heritage! We harvest earnestly in field of raw materials "pita" of tequila!

・We work on fishing boat of Ise lobster fishing in South African port, sardana!


[performer] MC: Yuji Miyake
[guest] Teruyuki Tsuchida, Shoko Nakagawa