Temporary thing - (that we earn 100,000 yen in the sekaju - world)
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Yuji Miyake Tomonori Matsumaru (TV TOKYO announcer)
Takahiro Azuma JOY others

Program summary

If ordinary Japanese will work overnight in world country for one month, there is what kind of work,

How much can you make money?

Of thing that relation is close for Japanese for "100,000 yen a month" few inexperienced entertainer as for both story scholastic ability and the qualification

We wash down sweat around the production spot and work.

Welfare program commuter rush night acquaintance with the boss?

We ate meal of the same pot let alone way of trouble movement circumstances and living only in the country unlike Japan

Foreign countries coherence document variety program which took glance of person who worked who described interchange with fellow worker.


① "Aim in South America Chile 100,000 yen a month the Japanese backside"
■Familiar in supermarket; make money in the Chilean culture scallop processing spot!
■With unexpected regulations specified in the wage system of the chirifuin crop spot?

② "Aim 100,000 yen a month with Africa Ethiopia"
■We make money by sorting work of high-quality coffee beans to sell with major coffee chain!
■African dream that is true this with work of getting rich quick?

③ "Aim 100,000 yen a month in the Philippines"
■We make money by "Manila fiber" which prewar Japanese built industry!
■Japanese is 1 with work to be able to earn high pay without qualification warm welcome?

The Philippines