World heritage "three major labyrinths" mystery
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As well as artistic beauty and historic background, "thought, emotions of person" loaded with there are the greatest charm, and world heritage which is crystal of wisdom of the human is time capsule which confined key to untie past mystery, mystery. Three magnificent mysteries that were covered by world heritage which extended over Egypt, Iran this time led by Japan, France Italy…We challenge mystery to be able to be called "three major labyrinths".  

 World heritage "three major labyrinths" mystery


Hiroki Narimiya: Italian (Rome) / Egypt
Kii Kitano: France (Paris, Versailles)
Naoto Takenaka: Japan (Itsukushima Shrine, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara)

Hiroki Narimiya: Italian / Egypt

Italy: Hiroki Narimiya

Spell of Cleopatra? Countdown of human extinction engraved into world heritage

The world is over on December 21, 2012…It was prediction of, Maya calendar, but was actually September, 2015. Besides, we agreed with time of extinction that Egyptian calendar showed? Successive caesars who worshiped Egyptian goddess Isis. Cleopatra which assumed oneself Isis God. With the key to extinction covered by world heritage of Rome?

Kii Kitano: France

France: Kii Kitano

Marie Antoinette lived? The truth that was hidden in the Palace of Versailles

Queen Marie Antoinette of tragedy was executed in the French Revolution of 1789…hazudatta. However, by DNA analysis of her hair of the deceased, we were not able to conclude dead woman to be the person in guillotine? Existence of victim who had several people…There was key which solved, mystery in world heritage Versailles palace?

Naoto Takenaka: Japan

Japan: Naoto Takenaka

Mysterious treasure house, Itsukushima Shrine…Ambition of real identity and Heike of Prince Shotoku?

Itsukushima Shrine is the world, but, in building using rare wed, dates back to the times of Emperor Suiko, Prince Shotoku in the origin. The origin of enshrined deity is considered to be goddess of Zoroastrianism. Ikaruga shrine and mysterious common point of capital of ancient Persia that Prince Shotoku also made up…We uncover magnificent mystery of world heritage of, Japan!