We want to get yelled at by beautiful person
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Program summary

We do not get yelled at from person as we get old…
We want somebody sometimes to scold in such a case…Do you not think of this?

If we have own useless point and dependence be angry and can become oneself who grew up more.
However, it is unpleasant even if oneself wants to detect and gets yelled at by few person and annoying person.
Person to respect own as for the partner having be angry oneself must be partner recognizing charm predominantly.
Okay, beautiful woman that it is overwhelming. Or good-looking guy overwhelming.

Beautiful woman scolds various Heisei boys that it is too much of incompetent Rais this time and transfers and puts poor re male ni katsu in the Heisei era!

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Contents which are scolded

▽Boy that it is too much of eating plant
▽Katakana word overuse boy
▽It is Kansai dialect overuse boy in not being person from Kansai
▽Young; make, and is too desperate; old bird
▽Oneself check overdoing boy appearing in glass
▽Do not sleep; is too much proud of; boy
▽Was bad in old days; is too much proud of; boy
▽Do not see on TV; is too much proud of; boy

According to nadonado, woman, beautiful woman scolds action thought to be "annoying ..." and spurts.