We discover very much in world unexplored region! Nippon Shokudo 8
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The eighth of popular plan. Remote Nippon Shokudo is searched distantly by Japan.
"What kind of Japanese foods do you provide?" We elucidate mystery "why does found Nippon Shokudo at world end?",
We approach human being drama over there!


 Jun Nagura (Neptune)
 Love, Maya Kobayashi, Emiri who are Kanpei Hazama, Junichi Koumoto (deputy manager section manager), spring

This Nippon Shokudo

[Japanese running Nippon Shokudo in two places of world unexplored regions]
<Svalbard archipelago, "sushi Kita" & Niue, "chi squid">

Svalbard archipelago that is the Norwegian territory is place of severe cold of -40 degrees Celsius in the northernmost island where the human lives. Another is New Zealand autonomous district Niue. It is said that it takes four days for two movement together in the only Japanese restaurant.
Yasukazu Wada of owner is born in Chiba as American person of mixed parentage with Japanese. We borrow house which there is not from TV and live in Niue, and, after panic disorder, the dark past including divorce, water supply opens Nippon Shokudo in dishes experience zero, too. Therefore we discovered his Utopia…
Why do you run dining room in two unexplored regions?
Heart of the repayment of favor for unexplored region of Wada saved in the backside in Utopia….

[world luxurious Nippon Shokudo, the third!]

<Barcelona, "DOS Paris Jos">
Restaurant "DOS Paris Jos" of the Spanish first real horse mackerel you pass in Barcelona old city. It is said to be restaurant not to get of reservation world's most, and chef chief of "L yellowtail" chosen as world No. 1 restaurant five times opens as owner in 2008.
Japanese, Takeshi Somekawa that it is the same to work in main chefs, and "L yellowtail" is from. Days that there are differences of consciousness to dishes doing not always go as we want and wanders Spanish from place to place although we study at 22 years old at various restaurants over Spain. Meanwhile, we come to study with one baggage and will work with "L yellowtail". One of a few Japanese chefs who persisted in stern "L yellowtail." Complicated and delicate dishes that Spanish tapa fused with Japanese foods as for the provided dishes in "DOS Paris - Jos." Jun Nagura and Maya Kobayashi sneak into such a shop!

In addition, we introduce Nippon Shokudo of the Republic of Palau.