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About the history, Japanese, tradition, body…Celebrity of various genres gives a presentation on "Japan not to know unexpectedly" and reconfirms splendor of Japan! We pay attention to culture of origin praised highly in the world in Japan!

We want to share! It is Japanese Japan not to know

[the highlight]
▽Takashi Saito gives presentation in Japanese which is easy to be wrong! Difference that is round if round? The origin of play "shippe" of child? The etymology in 46:00? Furthermore, Manami Hashimoto is reproduction drama appearance! He/she tells "the classical Japanese language" to affect heart!
▽We are not known unexpectedly…Thing of origin proud of to the world in Japan? ○○ to use every day which Former President Obama praises highly?

▽Teens girl SP which plays an active part in the world! We surpass 4 million times of YOUTUBE reproduction! Championships consecutive by all-Japan boys and girls Karate championship for five years! 10 years old, genius karate girl, Takano ten thousand A show the strongest model slightly
▽In secret of Japanese unknown body, Ai Sugiyama gives presentation! In the Edo era, what is reason that was mukimuki? In addition, what is secret of "we are skillful with our hands"?
▽Shunichiro Kanaya gives presentation in the unknown history of "Tokyo" toward world city No. 1!
▽Subway of one second mokuruinonai Tokyo! Location secrecy! Camera infiltrates of this in the core!
▽Latest restroom circumstances that the world is surprised at of Japan…
What is reason why, in fact, Japanese style restroom is reviewed?


Shinobu Sakagami, Noriko Fukuda (TV TOKYO announcer)
Mrs. Debbie, Hideo Higashikokubaru, Moe Yamaguchi, Hikaru Ijuin, thick-sliced Jason, Kanako Yanagihara (※ random order)

Performer (2)

Japanese…Takashi Saito (Meiji University's professor)
Tokyo…Shunnichiro Kanaya (lecturer at history commentator, Toshin high school)
Body…Ai Sugiyama (former professional tennis player)
Restroom…Akiko Shirako (restroom researcher, first class authorized architect)
From Japan!…Ken Watabe (anjasshu, a gourmet king of the entertainment world) (※ random order)