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"Japan" which we want to talk about immediately shock knowledge! When "kamai**" is good, and see, hide; ○○? ▽Secret of "Mio reckoning?" ▽Why is it like that when we break the story? ▽We are astonished at Buddha statue! That discovery


[chairmanship] Shinobu Sakagami
[presenter] Cheat Takeyama, Matsuya Onoe, Takashi Saito, Takeshi Takei
[guest] Yoko Gushiken, Moe Yamaguchi, onononoka, Natsu Ando (Maple superalloy)
[reporter] Thick-sliced Jason
[progress] Yuki Matsumaru (TV TOKYO announcer)


[guest Natsu Ando appearance drama]
Drama which is full of real real estate information
"Is it town where only Kichijoji wants to live in?"
Middle of the night of every Friday 0:52 - broadcast!
Miyuki Oshima (Morisanchu), Natsu Ando (Maple superalloy) others