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"Japan" which we want to talk about immediately shock knowledge! When "kamaiki*" is good, and see, hide; ○○? ▽Secret of "you see, and arrive"? ▽Why is it like that when we break the story? ▽We are astonished at Buddha statue! That discovery

Broadcast content

Forthcoming 2020. Tokyo Olympics holding!
Japan which is attracting attention now from the world.

However, such Japan, thing that, in fact, we do not know are dull!
A lot of new facts that we wanted to share to somebody right now were covered!

SUSHI which the world loves!
Is how to eat right sushi ~?

Is it ~ that secret of "Kabuki" was covered by that cake to always eat?

Large great good luck investigates existing Shinto shrine! Is fact of shock written there ~?

Mr. Takashi Saito tells, want to share! Is true meaning of Japanese, kanji ~?

Matsuya Onoe shares "the backside of Kabuki world"!

We create a series of special information that that celebrity wants to share!


[host] Shinobu Sakagami
[presenter] Cheat Takeyama, Matsuya Onoe, Takashi Saito, So Takei
[guest] Yoko Gushiken, Moe Yamaguchi, onononoka, Natsu Ando (Maple superalloy)
[reporter] Thick-sliced Jason
[progress] Tomonori Matsumaru (TV TOKYO announcer)


[guest Natsu Ando appearance drama]
Drama which is full of real real estate information
"Is it town where only Kichijoji wants to live in?"
Middle of the night of every Friday 0:52 - broadcast!
Miyuki Oshima (Morisanchu), Natsu Ando (Maple superalloy) others