Why did you get a divorce?
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―――As it was “, did you get a divorce? "

The number of divorces increases remarkably after the Heisei era begins and is said to be the times when "one of three sets gets a divorce".
Drama which featured the theme of divorce wins popularity probably because there is the background, and, in these days, interest in divorce problem increases.
However, it is this problem to be hard to ask person though we are interested….

Problem that only the people understand is unexploited before it leads to divorce,
Life drama of unknown eventfulness is hidden there.
onishuto, pit of mixed marriage, corrupt dating service, the fall life from yearly income 10 million….
With document of person who became divorce experienced person from various backgrounds, expert initiates into countermeasure and prevention of divorce method.

[as for the episode that there was actually of people who experienced divorce to introduce this time this!]
○Married life fails because of onishuto! Single mother who was said "to kill you for mother!" to husband
○Divorce rates exceed surprising 60% what! Single mother who was stuck in pit of mixed marriage
○We were deceived by dating service? Single mother who still got a divorce with 4-month-old baby
○Yearly income of former husband is 8 million yen! Single mother who got a divorce for doh petty ga reason though it was employee of leading corporation
○The fall life from yearly income 10 million yen…, bankruptcy…Debt…Artificial dialysis…Garbage mansion…Single father who experienced the worst divorce that sudden change wife let the life be out of order

Specialists in divorce gather in studio!
"A divorce best four king" initiates the name into "method to prevent divorce" thoroughly in studio!

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Why did you get a divorce? Question ... to get ... happiness What is specialist in divorce = "divorce best four king?"
・Atsuko Okano (divorce counselor)
・Hiromi Ikeuchi (divorce consultant)
・Yoshiyuki Shibukawa (divorce 110th representative)
・Erika Shinoda (adire law office)

We send information that tameno which "prevents divorce" because you see this program is useful for,
We send with request for yo where "person getting a divorce decreases" to alone!

Why did you get a divorce? Question ... to get ... happiness Performer
[MC] Takeshi Tsuruno, SHELLY
[guest] Chiemi Hori, Teruyuki Tsuchida

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