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Document variety to project new family design! From amazing family to family spending the eventfulness life, we highlight figure of "nowadays family" with various dramas.

In the life that does not come why? Family Theater ... of ... laughter and tears

▽Doh petty o is extremely very rich! Today's doh narrow-minded family
▽Nowadays family who does camping trailer life for some reason in front of home though we purchased single house
▽Single father who loses beloved wife in breast cancer, and brings up three children
▽Single father who brings up daughter whom the late wife gave birth to at the risk of life
▽Face of parent wants to look! 8-year-old primary schoolchild host family


Akiko Nishina, Koji Imada, Kensuke Sasaki, Takahiro Azuma, Anri Sugihara
Kazuya Masuda (TV TOKYO announcer)
Ito lawn Haruko