The New Year! Comedy expert variety hall
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"The New Year! Comedy expert variety hall 2018"

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Program summary

When variety hall is energized most during one year for New Year holidays.
In front of visitors for the first laughter, entertainers go on stage with heat more than usual, too.
Variety hall broadcast broadcasted the energized figure live on the New Year of TV TOKYO and got big support from audience to send scenery like such New Year holidays.
Comedy radicalizes high speed and totally becomes like pleasure of youths, but laughing for New Year holidays is different again recently.
Laughter while we also enjoy deep art more slowly thinks that big support is received.
Therefore, by this program, live broadcast introduces stage of excellent people who wore genuine art.
We send spirit and courage and laughter to the whole country.


Takahiro Azuma, Miki Shigeta (TV TOKYO announcer)


Ikkokudo, it is kobon, Casey Takamine, Susumu Sakai, sandwich man, Koasa Shunpuutei boom
Sugi-chan, W colon, Tetsu and attendant, naitsu, nitchie, Sanpei Hayashiya, U-shaped construction, rocket group and others

Hama Khan

Winning comic dialogue new face award

Tohoku entertainer
Mother feeling, Rokkatei Yuka

[Senso-ji Temple report]
Shota Shunpuutei, Niraku Hayashiya

★Collaboration plan★
Susumu Sakai & Tetsu and attendant
Sugi-chan & special guest

★We want to see once again! Good old expert VTR★
Kosan Yanagiya, Ryusho Shunpuutei, Bonpei Hayano
Sankyu Kasuga, Teruyo, Chiyowaka Shokakuya, Chiyo chrysanthemum and others


You see Master comedy variety hall to be carried out in Tokyo, Asakusa entertainment hall by live broadcasting and broadcast New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine scenery of Senso-ji Temple live and convey atmosphere for good Japanese New Year holidays to swell happily brightly.
It is program providing the first laughter of cheerful Japan which is not upset too much which is not too in a hurry.

The New Year! Comedy expert variety hall
The New Year! Comedy expert variety hall
The New Year! Comedy expert variety hall
The New Year! Comedy expert variety hall
The New Year! Comedy expert variety hall