The palace of circle C
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[MC] Koji Imada, Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)
[guest] Satoshi Fujimoto (FUJIWARA), Teruyuki Tsuchida, Mayuko Iwasa
[VTR appearance] Koji Nakamoto, Masashi Sada, George Tokoro, SUMMERS, Reiji Matsumoto

Program summary

With person who made "constant seller" used for the world public widely first? We assume people "great man of ⓒ" for ⓒ mark to mean copyright holder, and this program introduces their achievement! Can their achievement becoming "neither "fri nor" honor" perform "induction into the Hall of Fame" in the palace of circle C? Furthermore, as for the secret episodes when anyone was covered by that constant seller to know publicly very much!

Constant seller①
"A Happy New Year" greetings that we abbreviated

"A Happy New Year" on earth who is ⓒ?

Constant seller②
"We are surprised and are disgusted. Idiomatic phrase of meaning dumfounded by

On earth who is ⓒ of "eyes become point"?

Constant seller③
Constant seller when we play rock-paper-scissors

Of "first stone" on earth who is ⓒ?

Constant seller④
Basic phrase of music playing in shop of YAMADA DENKI

On earth who is ⓒ of "♪ mountain - da electric equipment"?

Constant seller⑤
Basic heroine character of animation

On earth who is model ⓒ which became model of animation "Galaxy Express" meteru?