Entertainer kimboshi
[broadcast was finished]


We give quiz problems that the best knowledge army corps and the best enthusiast entertainer hang one's omnipotence each and made and clash by the knowledge!
It is three entertainers of entertainment world "household appliances" that it cuts "bread" "Asakusa" enthusiast to challenge this quiz battle this time.
Commentator, courageous men of knowledge on behalf of various fields including famous craftsman, charisma staff well-known as for standing in the way before them.
One or ・・? which enthusiast entertainers defeat the best knowledge army corps, and can get social upheaval "kimboshi" of knowledge as expected
It is new studio quiz show of feeling of strain perfect score that there was not so far.


Seiko Ito, Hiroshi Tamura (giraffe), Hide (penalty)

La Salle Ishii

[voice of the sky]
Furusaka University demon king