"LOVE masao you go!" Public commemorative holiday cinema special "story ~ of kina child - probation police dog"

Drama, movie
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Probationary police dog and probationary training person

Story of heartwarming bond that came out of true story, ground wave first appearance!



 Shikoku, Marugame-shi, Kagawa. On this ground facing the Seto Inland Sea, there is the Japan's most famous probationary police dog.

 The name is female Labrador retriever "kina child". It is all unacceptable while challenging police dog examination six times. Face makes a landing without exceeding obstacle in training society of 2005. Still, with Chisa Kawanishi of probationary training person, figure to try hard gradually arose sympathy from without being depressed even if we failed how many times, and it was popular people in not only Kagawa but also Japan. Movie was born of "story ... of kina child - probation police dog" from this true story.


 Supervisor is Yoshinori Kobayashi of movie "unfair the movie". In beautiful nature projected at Kagawa oar location, awkward dog and inexperienced human being were strongly bound together in bond of trust and it was true partner and drew in bears on screen with full of emotion.

 Young actress, Kaho that we follow appearance, and performance is appreciated in "natural kokekko" by training person, Kyoko Mochizuki (Kyoko) position. In director, Banba position of training school which is severe, and sometimes also derives Kyoko kindly, it is Yasufumi Terawaki of "fellow" series. Furthermore, Naho Toda, Yusuke Yamamoto, Kenichi Endo, Miyoko Asada, Mitsuru Hirata and others ability groups assemble in full force.


Story of kina child - probation police dog

Best useless dog Labrador in Japan sends lab in Japan!

Special first-run showing national on Saturday, June 23!     ≪The details are this



 As for Kyoko Mochizuki brought up on seeing a father who played an active part as police dog training person, oneself dreamed of it being to police dog training person sometime, too. Kyoko who became 18 years old meets puppy "kina child" of Labrador retriever at training school where she entered. kina child declares Kyoko who was said to be to director when body does not fit police dog weakly unintentionally saying "I do kina child to police dog!". Days of strenuous efforts of "probation combination" of probationary police dog, kina child and probationary training person, Kyoko begin from the sun.

 However, smart child that the body is nyu and others for training totally. Kyoko is gradually disappointed in oneself whom to failure oshiteshimaukina child and kina child are not brought up into for police dog examination many times before long. And ... which makes up its mind to part from kina child at last, and to leave training school.


The cast

Kaho (Kyoko Mochizuki)

Yasufumi Terawaki (Seijiro Banba)

Naho Toda (Utako Banba)

Yusuke Yamamoto (Wataru Tashiro)

Kenichi Endo (Ryoichi Mochizuki)

Miyoko Asada (Sonoko Mochizuki)

Ryohei Hirota (Keita Banba)

Momoka Ono (Niina Banba)

Mitsuru Hirata (Takashi Sakuraba)