Official approval Bronson
[broadcast was finished]

Osho period-limited new menu of gyoza

Quiz to allot one genuine article for from menu of "genuine article Bronson" ... four  

                   ※Thus, imitation that menu does not have three

Imitation menu "Chinese chive leva - men" of the inside sell for a limited time.

"Chinese chive liver men" 580 yen (tax-included) from Sunday, April 8, 2012 to Monday, April 30, 2012

We sell at 5 stores of Shimokitazawa store, Shimbashi station square store, Suidobashi store, Shibuya Hachi-ko Exit shop, Dogenzaka shop.

Program summary

From fast food lover, household appliances lover, railroad lover to pet lover…

○○ enthusiast entertainers boasting, "I am the first about knowledge of ○○○!" gather.

We challenge certification examination "* Q official approval" to compete with the "knowledge" for hot thought that we cannot help loving!

Entertainer that this program was familiar with knowledge on a wide variety of subjects about various genres is certification examination form satisfactorily

It is "freak official approval quiz variety in anything" to compete, and to decide No1.


MC: Kendo Kobayashi, Miho Ohashi (TV TOKYO announcer)

Panelist: Takayuki Kinoshita (TKO), Jun Komori, Hidetaka Nishio (X-GUN), Heisei Nobushi Magnolia Kobus


Chain "Osho of gyoza" this time popular as for the theme of "official approval Bronson."

Unknown secret, business-specific terminology of product mainly on menu "gyoza" popular from secret covered by store,

Early push quizzes to assign cooking process to only by sound

We show ultimate confrontation that is shown simply because it is "essence of Osho of gyoza" entertainer who knew everything.