The general election live concert of TXN Lower House election SP Akira Ikegami
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The general election live concert of Akira IkegamiThe general election live concert of Akira Ikegami

On airdate

From 7:50 to 11:54 to stop by on TV TOKYO system Sunday, December 14
(from 8:00 to 10:00 when BS Japan stops by)


Akira Ikegami (journalist)
Mariko Oe (TV TOKYO press bureau)
Heitaro Ohama (TV TOKYO press bureau)
Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)

Ryuta Mine
Yoshiko Miyazaki
Takahiro Azuma
Yui Asaka
Haruka Christine
Sano hinako


Prime Minister Abe who made the debut for sudden dissolution.
It is said that we ask postponement of consumption tax 10% introduction and evaluation of Abenomics,
How does qualified voter really judge the results of Abe Cabinet two years?
In addition, how does qualified voter see policy of each opposition party, ability for government charge?
Two years pass from the last Lower House election, and what does qualified voter find for politics?

By election special program of series of TV TOKYO to broadcast in voting and counting the ballots sun on December 14,
Akira Ikegami acts as caster this time.

One or ... that what happens to Japan after ... Lower House election what kind of people politician is
At the same time that Akira Ikegami presses politician by scathing question and shows the truth height of journalist,
〝 is plain, and concept called election special program 〟 seen with all the families fuses by various plans.
Person who went for election sends election special program that marked line with others which person who did not go can enjoy.

The highlight


① Live broadcast talk of Akira Ikegami VS politician

② Interesting profile of too particular ... candidate

③ We do it this time! Bus tour of favorable reception

④ Featured plan and specially made model which recall interest in politics