itokyojukioketsuteisen toppuobugatenasurito
[broadcast was finished]

Festival, start of gaten origin!

Night of Friday, October 9 from 9:00 to 2:00 interval SP broadcast decision! (except some areas)

General master of ceremonies is Shigeru Joushima!
Festival of gaten origin begins this autumn!

"We exceed 20 tons", and great heavy industrial machines assemble in full force! Picture of the best part which made full use of "50 cameras!"
Fierce close game to last for "96 hours" on full 4th at location total time!

The leading role of this program carried out on scale out of super standard handles heavy industrial machine every day in various spots,
Us of "gaten system" who supports house and the workplace, social base including means of transportation.

Hard-bitten technology, teamwork, operation power lack in guts and pride of oneself and company more,
Please do fight with real swords using heavy industrial machine!

We that it becomes TV TOKYO first MC to watch the fight are "leader" Shigeru Joushima.
Durability heavy industrial machine career is 18 years with heavy industrial machine license by oneself.
Heavy industrial machine performance of leader having heavy industrial machine love of entertainment world marrow one is unmissable!

Competition introduction

[strongest heavy industrial machine competition ①]


ji 27 using wood of width 1m80cm, 180 kilos in weight. Total approximately 5 tons in weight is right maximum in history!




[strongest heavy industrial machine competition ②]

mekata de sukupa

Just add 10 tons of load capacity only for sense of heavy industrial machine!




[strongest heavy industrial machine competition ③]

Pressure crane

Break through ups and downs crank, moving obstacle, super difficulty course by crane!



Professionals of heavy industrial machine which gathered from all over Japan challenge this super difficulty competition and decide No. 1!



Comment from MC Shigeru Joushima

When we asked for the first time when offer of program of heavy industrial machine came, we were very glad. We thought that it was true vocation.
As we gather with friend in private, and heavy industrial machine is great rank who, thus, does story badly.

When it thought that at last it was able to come home after an interval of 27 years, it was this spot since "dangerous boy III" (the part of idol drama, bad leader of the valets) at the age of 18 years old that appeared in program of TV TOKYO in individuals. Idol drama next which appeared called a heavy industrial machine king (laugh). Heavy industrial machine is idol for me, and admiration, there everlasting are only parts which do not change.

Though let see this fight, and heavy industrial machine is great, operators whom the spot is engaged in, everybody, handling the heavy industrial machine is really really cool. It is sure to get that we are drawn so that even person who is not interested in heavy industrial machine thinks "shall we take qualification?".

As world top decisive battle says as Japanese technique, technique of operators think even if we see in the world that world's best, or fight to really decide top is seen in the Olympics though it is slightly still early, we see horror of professional craftsman, and feeling of anything jiteitadaketaranato thinks to audiences. 

Program summary

Title : "Strongest heavy industrial machine king deciding match! toppuobugatenasurito"
On airdate : Night of Friday, October 9, 2015 from 9:00 to 2:00 interval SP (except some areas)
 ※- start and others affiliated station starts only TV TOKYO at 9:00 at 8:54
Broadcasting station : TV TOKYO, Television Hokkaido Broadcasting, Television Aichi, Television Osaka
 TV setouchi, TVQ Kyushu broadcast
General chairmanship : Shigeru Joushima progress: Miki Shigeta (TV TOKYO announcer)
Supporter : horan Chiaki, Aiko Kaido, Ami Kikuchi
The spot real condition : Shigeru Kajiwara Yoshinari Tsuji
Commentary : Suenaga high chapter