gachinko family exchange (provisionally)
[broadcast was finished]

Program summary

It is lived exchange of 3 days and 2 nights costume play big breasts wife in twenties and beautiful woman wife who is cheap for 40 generations! Each other's husbands are a series of confusion?

But dangerous feelings arise while we live together…? The roar of laughter incident series!


Teruki Goto (football hour), Tomonori Matsumaru (TV TOKYO announcer)


With big breasts wife loving costume play in its twenties that it is slovenly to send exchange life of 3 days and 2 nights this time, and housework is weak in,

Beautiful woman wife who loves saving in its 40s of super close couple who "see you" does not miss kiss in the marriage 17th year.

There is child of three primary schoolchildren to close couple, but, for appearance of young, sexy costume play wife, can father in his 40s keep dignity?

On the other hand, husband in his 30s who loves costume play as for this who would make older beautiful woman wife for massage technique of beautiful married woman

Melo Melo?

Feed of Goto smashes into exchange life of the incident series in football hour!