[broadcast was finished]


Though "we have somewhat heard, we do not know this program in detail"
Quiz show that "fukaku digs" such a trendy thing!
It "fukaborin!"
From every time, "fashion circumstances that you should know",
We look at "fukabori picture" and make questions for quiz!
Panelists of studio call at the top of their voice, and they answer wisdom!

"Hakata great good luck" not to come to the spot why it is that we act as MC.
To panelist "red" of ORIENTAL RADIO team,
"Blue" of impulse team participates.

Of thing that MC is eccentric quiz show called studio absence
It is "new sense quiz variety program" which understands latest style circumstances although being a pleasure.


[MC] Hakata great good luck
[assistant] Manami
[panelist] Impulse, ORIENTAL RADIO others