Musical scale SUMMERS 2
[broadcast was finished]


The second of "musical scale SUMMERS ♪" which we broadcasted in July.
With Kazuyoshi Saito who took office as MC, we meet luxurious guest deserving to be if we display the end of the year,
We aim at ultimate music channel.

Announcer Mariko Oe to be person whom Kazuyoshi Saito wants to meet most now is surprise appearance!
We develop talk hazily.
In addition, SUMMERS & Kazuyoshi Saito forms special band of one-night stand!
It is ... with contents of the session?

Furthermore, Kazuyoshi Saito is live performance with one acoustic guitar in masterpiece "ballad of poet".
We send with super precious picture full loading!


SUMMERS, Kazuyoshi Saito
Chara, Ami Onuki (PUFFY), Yuka, RYOJI (cassia seed), Kaela Kimura, flumpool
Shiori Sato
[special appearance]
Mariko Oe (TV TOKYO announcer)