A certain miss harm jikara - love poison makes Japan fun! ...
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Of women who "are not ordinary" propagating in the modern society
We think about the future Japanese way through life!

㊙We lost 17 million yen by email from false Masaharu Fukuyama
The end of woman who indulged in weak temptation of entertainer

㊙We let woman life be out of order by sugared words
Mean trap of atrocious fortune-tellers

㊙Monster "demoness" whom net society produced
Women adding social sanctions in passion and network

㊙Vicious circle that the sexual intercourseless news produced
Women minding sexual intercourse of next wives

㊙The last point of identity of woman
Women asserting themselves with underarm hair

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YOU, Pierre waterfall, cheat Takeyama, Tono nagiko, Dave Spector, Yasuko Mitsuura, Kayoko Okubo (Oasiz),
Shimako Iwai, Reiko Yuyama, Miho Ohashi (TV TOKYO announcer)