Why is it in "world surprised village" of Tokoro ... such place? ...
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... which is branded on the mind, and does not surely leave
I send fantastic "world surprised village"!

There are a lot of unexpected surprised villages where concept, sense of values of Japan vanishes in the world.
Village which there is in cave, village of stoniness, village which there is alone for some reason in desert.
In such a "surprised village," scenery and life, manners and customs that we have not seen so far are inherited ceaselessly.
While traveler touches arrival, villagers there, we press mystery of wonder.
In studio, expert talks with Tokoro about theme that is indispensable to "simple question of surprised village" and life "residence".

◆Cave village said alone in the world (China)
 Traveler: Hidekazu Akai

Guizhou where many minority races live in in steep Nature in southwestern China.
Cave which opened big mouth in 1,800m above sea level, bave rock of mountain big is objective astonishment village.

Width of cave is 120m, 50m in height, 240m in depth.
Approximately 80 "seedling groups" live in very large space.

Where will food and wed be supplied from?
We approach how people live in such a village.

◆Village (the Africa Republic of Mali) which sticks to bluff
  Traveler: Hiromi Kitagawa

Is car from Republic of Mali central part, Mopti; in place for approximately approximately two hours,
There is "van Deer gallacliff" appointed to precipice, world heritage which pass than 300m in height, 200km in length, and continue.
It is dotted with approximately 700 villages along the cliff.

Malian indigenous people Dogon living there succeeds to tradition from about 1300.
Myth has inner space of da them now, and Dogon continues growing in heart and life, and the tradition is protected.
Why did they make house and village near the precipice?
There was "bond" to take good care of their sad past and friend there.

◆Village Negara Brunei Darussalam of the water where all is even on
  Traveler: Tomoko Fujita

We are blessed with oil and natural gas and are said to be resource-rich nation, the world's very rich country,
Southeast Asian "Negara Brunei Darussalam"
Village called "Kampong aisle" which there is on foot from capital Bandar Seri Begawan to approximately ten minutes.
There is "village isolated in wed" where people of 30,000 live in here.
It is called "the world's biggest water village" from the number of the population.

We support some growth, several thousand wooden houses from the pillar surface of the water approximately 2m in height.
There are many wooden houses which are old, and faded, and the appearance is simple. What is the living yellowtail?
With reason why it is not left the water as for the inhabitants here again?

Cave village (Hidekazu Akai)
Cave village (Hidekazu Akai)
Village (Hiromi Kitagawa) of bluff
Village (Hiromi Kitagawa) of bluff
Village (Hiromi Kitagawa) of bluff
Village (Tomoko Fujita) of the water
Village (Tomoko Fujita) of the water
Village (Tomoko Fujita) of the water
Village (Tomoko Fujita) of the water