BANG to hit how!
[broadcast was finished]


BANG to hit how!

≪With figure of lovely animals, is ranking form; introduction "ranking at moment when baby is pretty of animal"≫

It is special for two hours when of course large-scale animal babies such as cute puppy and lion, white bear appear that quite popular cat appear this time!


Audrey (Masayasu Wakabayashi, Toshiaki Kasuga)


moenoazuki & Asakura lily (we throw away tapir 1, Sotokanda)

①"One week challenge"

We instill "wait" in puppy in one week for 30 seconds and present family vacation if it is wonderful and comes!

②"Cat punch championship"

What kind of cat punch does kitten pay out in response to toy? It is hard copying between eyewink of the cat punch!

Furthermore, we adhere to white lion which was just born at German zoo in this April!
Two hours SP that "we are pretty seeing from where," but there is a lot of!