We are proud to 2 - world that it is not the first place, and is not good! ibushi silver ... of Japan
[broadcast was finished]


Goro Inagaki & Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is special program of MC.

The second of program that we broadcasted in this January, and first MC by combination, way of two hosts full of feelings of weakness attracted public attention after SMAP organization!
We introduce "person who is not the first place" of various genres under the theme of "there are a lot of splendid things simply because it is not the first place".
Inagaki, Kusanagi participates in location for the first time this time, too. We fully show way of feeling of weakness at location!



Goro Inagaki & Tsuyoshi Kusanagi 

[guest who is not the first place]

Tsutomu Sekine, Teruyuki Tsuchida, YOU, Maasa Takahashi, peace, Masakiyo Maezono, cheat Takeyama, others