100,000 yen trip recipe of the world
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Program summary

It is appearance of low-budget model trip program providing dreamlike overseas travel plan for 100,000 yen!
Most of the people giving up overseas travel are caused by "= image to be high overseas travel".
However! Depending on wisdom, knowledge, idea, overseas travel within 100,000 yen is possible!
We introduce the best "trip recipe" to be able to enjoy the country for 100,000 yen this time!

Talent & director starts on trip towards overseas famous place!
However, expense to be usable on trip…Include all air fare, the hotel charges, the food expenses, local transportation expenses; and anything and less than 100,000 yen.
We investigate program originally, and why is there route, method at a bargain price? We introduce this titled "trick recipe".
Besides, while being able to see the sights like bullet tour slowly, and suppressing sightseeing point that you should suppress,
Various to information that is tsuu which only local person knows the latest spot and sweets information now.

In addition, gourmet, leisure to be able to enjoy if add money a little as "add a little recipe" introduction.
Advantageous information for person easier than 100,000 yen is varied.


Chiriko Sakashita, Shouei

This destination

★"France Paris - mon sun Michelle 100,000 yen trip recipe"

Traveler: Chiriko Sakashita

Is usually lowest only with airline ticket to go to France; round-trip approximately 110,000 yen.
For Kojima that "mon sun Michelle" floats more on the French West Coast, the Gulf of sun Murrow,
It costs movement costs more from Paris…
Furthermore, we thoroughly enjoy exquisite gourmet and sweets in Paris!
Is trip really possible for 100,000 yen as expected? What is the surprising method?

★"Singapore•Thailand•Trip recipe staying all Cambodian three countries luxury hotel"

Traveler: Shouei

We go round Asian popular sightseeing spots on tour in three countries luxuriously!
Singapore during women's popular boiling, hideaway resort Krabi of Thailand,
We enjoy all the Cambodian world heritage Angkor Vat!
Besides, accommodation in all countries is luxury hotel!
Let alone airline ticket from Japan, movement of country and country should occur, too.
Besides, with trick that can stay at luxury hotel at a bargain price?
It is Asian trip recipe that we can be satisfied with that we cannot believe for 100,000 yen!

Airplane uses way flight and, in search of means of transportation of local country, enjoys deep-discount gourmet and….
When and, in the middle of trip, we are hit by unexpected incident or we mention warmth of people,
We wait for various impressions not to be able to taste on normal trip.
World famous place, back zawa, trip program which is slightly full of help ideas which enjoys superb view for less than 100,000 yen.
Do you not refer to by all means?