[broadcast was finished]

We know only professional and railroad fan! But even general person can enjoy! Besides, we profit! We will introduce trick of railroad which we want to imitate tomorrow! Railroad variety that ogiyahagi Yahagi & zakiyama sends.

Railroad variety be carried; heaven

[trip circuit of "140 yen" Boso Peninsula! ]
Trick to take a trip to Boso Peninsula only for 140 yen!
[we discover at station! Door of Closed to the Public! We opened out]
Station door of "Closed to the Public" to see everywhere. The inside is mysterious…The Kiyama opens out more and more and infiltrates! Tokyo Metro entire surface cooperation! The media first public exhibition! Fantastic exit that was lost 70 years before Shimbashi Station!
[we profit for 80,000 yen! Trip of Kyoto & Kanazawa picture drawn with a single stroke of the brush]
What is trick of railroad trip to be able to go around Kyoto and Kanazawa in discount more than 80,000 yen happily in four families, 4 days and 3 nights?
["do you not buy genuine train?" ]
In fact, can buy train for around 500,000 yen; do know? It is cheaper than car! We introduce people who buy real train, and enjoy
[minor exit of major station! "Why did you get off at the Ikebukuro Station north exit?" ]
Zone of fascination that spot that is nostalgic there, and is deep remains…. We discover unknown well-known store!

Program video


Yahagi and (ogiyahagi), Koya Yamazaki (untouchable), Rena Matsui
Yoji Tanaka, Saya Ichikawa, Reo Tsuchiya, Hirota aika (private institution Ebisu Junior High School), denjarasu, Megumi Ohori, Akinori Okayasu (diagonal 45 degrees), Hayashiya pe, Hirohiko Yokomi, Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO announcer) others