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The favorable reception plan 21st! 54-year-old man who became cook of Nippon Shokudo in African Rwanda from this January. We went to Hawaii once abroad. In Rwanda which is why to cook?

We discover very much in world unexplored region! Nippon Shokudo 21

The 21st of popular plan. Remote Nippon Shokudo is searched distantly by Japan. "What kind of Japanese foods do you provide?" We elucidate mystery "why does found Nippon Shokudo at world end?" and approach to life drama over there!
◆The "miracle of Africa" Republic of Rwanda. Country of African central part where the modernization advances, and high-rise buildings form a line in urban area. In such Rwanda, it is 54-year-old man of serving in cooks in Nippon Shokudo from this January.
We would work in sushi bars after graduation from high school and came to have independence, own shop after study for 10 years. However, in being separated from sushi triggered by a certain thing. For approximately ten years before working in Nippon Shokudo, we did not make sushi at all afterwards. Only in Hawaii that it was employee trip to have gone abroad, and went. What is reason that is over 50 years old, and would act suddenly in Rwandan Nippon Shokudo? We introduce other Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Nippon Shokudo of United States Alaska.


 Jun Nagura (Neptune)
 Aya Asahina
 Junichi Koumoto
 Sano hinako
 Susumu Terajima
 Rieko Miura

Program summary

"Japanese foods" which are enslaving people of the world now. By program, remote Nippon Shokudo is searched distantly by Japan. Probably because "we provide what kind of Japanese foods" in the ground "Why hold Nippon Shokudo at such a world end"; approach to life drama over there while elucidating toiu mystery!