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The second coming of legendary group TERIYAKI BOYZ®?
Birth of supergroup leading NAOTO of J Soul Brothers for the EXILE / third generation.
The name is HONEST BOYZ®, too
Member is SWAY, assassinator MANDY from EXILE TRIBE and creator NIGO® which the world is proud of and the eminent members from NAOTO, artist m-floVERBAL of the one and only, rising DOBERMAN INFINITY.

We deliver full version of opening theme "PART TIME HERO" of drama "knight hero NAOTO" of topic boiling from today and start now!

■List of delivery
We deliver and start at 0:00 a.m. in each following site others music delivery site on Saturday, June 25!
[iTunes] (outside site)
[rekochoku] (outside site)
[mu-mo] (outside site)
[Dwango] (outside site)
[] (outside site)
[mora] (outside site)

And release of serial analog board with No. is decided with a limitation of 777 pieces in PKCZ®GALLERY STORE on Thursday, July 7, too!

www.pkcz-gallery .com (outside site)

Step of supergroup taking the next generation begins in here.


SOUNDTRACK NAOTO (EXILE / third generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE) serial drama alone first lead drama, it is released sound track at last!
"Night hero NAOTO" cool in TV TOKYO system drama 24, April. Music during drama that featured one of these products is unique.
It is vying by truck coloring Japan's leading truck maker tachigaga, view of the world of dark hero from SHINCO, legend of HIPHOP such as DJ JIN to young person this time in the first on the list in iwasakita* (a lot of "moteki" "blood world front" others) of musical director.
We are finished to super luxurious sound track in late years to rarely look at which is completely established as album of HIPHOP simply.

Participation artist
HONEST BOYZ, SHINCO (suchadarapa), Avec Avec, Hell, DJ JIN (RHYMESTER), DJ Mitsu the beats, mabanua, Yukihiro Kanesaka (U-key), KASHIF (PPP), grooveman Spot, CMJK, saitouryoji, Kenmochi Hidefumi, Cherry Brown a.k.a Lil' Yukichi, iwasakita*
Product information
Original sound truck / "knight hero NAOTO" original sound truck
Price: 2,500+TAX
Sale date: 2016.12.07 ON SALE
Sales agency: SPACE SHOWER MUSIC / (C)NH Project

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