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The main story: All 11 episodes
Picture privilege
❶ Making of knight hero
Making documentary which chased crank up from start of shooting.
We constitute making mainly on viewpoint of fictional world = actor NAOTO where NAOTO builds up night hero. It is full of valuable off shot and the highlight including the action scene where we are particular by oneself and challenged photographing. It is less done OA in document part which is active as EXILE and the third generation, and unscreened picture with member uses, too. Of NAOTO in performer and hero, two pairs of straw sandals which was not able to draw with program is super real; see; documentary with full of answers. Full version that included charm of "night hero NAOTO" seen only here abundantly!
Collecting complete in backstage where NAOTO builds up all 11 episodes, 11 kinds of dances scene with EXILE TRIBE member and dancer performers playing an active part worldwide!
❸ Main story director's cut version (collecting story number: ten episodes & for the last time story)
We collect the main story of full version that we added unscreened picture which we were not able to broadcast in ten episodes, the last story to.
※It becomes collecting on main story disk
<last story: odiokomentari collecting of NAOTO>
We fully send backstage episode of shooting on supesharuodiokomentari of NAOTO!
We collect NAOTO and dance scene broadcasted in drama end roll with world-famous dancers in no cut version!
❺ Drama completion report press conference
We record design of drama completion report interview held just before broadcast launch.
NAOTO, Kuroshima constipated greens, Hoka Kinoshita, Former Manager Gonno look back on episode at the time of shooting; talk.

Blu-ray BOX [first production-limited] privilege

NIGHT HERO SP photo book

The first reservation purchase privilege

◆The first reservation purchase privilege
The lead: We present EXILE NAOTO going on the platform Blu-ray/DVD BOX release memory event participation application lottery postcard!
[target product]
■Night hero NAOTO Blu-ray BOX [first production-limited]
■Night hero NAOTO DVD BOX
  • ※The first reservation privilege becomes the end as soon as we disappear.
  • ※Reservation acceptance of product with benefits may be finished depending on store before sale date.
  • ※As there is store without some handling, in the case of reservation, please confirm at store.
  • ※Please confirm whether there is the first notation with benefits to product cart on reservation on the Internet beforehand.
[the event details]
Date Friday, October 14, 2016
Place Tokyo a certain place
  • ・We change to successful announcement with shipment of event participation ticket.
  • ・About inquiry about having reception desk or not of application and lottery result, we cannot answer at all.
  • ・We cannot tell about the details of event individually beforehand. Thank you for your understanding.
  • ・We invalidate application that we use anything other than postcard for exclusive use of application to come when you purchased "night hero NAOTO" Blu-ray/DVD BOX.
  • ・Postcard for exclusive use of application does not reissue under any circumstance.
  • ・We use personal information that you sent to on application only for purpose of shipment of event participation ticket and cancel appropriately for a certain period of time after the progress.
  • ・We are going to send out event participation in elected candidate ticket on Friday, October 7.
  • ・As for the details about event, please see event participation ticket and program formula HP to send to elected candidate.
  • ・Please note that there is possibility that change, events such as contents are called off by convenience of performer.
  • ・Please refrain from entrance of under 12 years old (less than primary schoolchild).
  • ・It is said that elected candidate is to one piece per person.
  • ・Election postcard becomes effective only for the elected person.
  • ・We prohibit transfer, commission to third party of election postcard firmly.
  • ・On the day, for person confirmation, we may confirm identification card.

Enclosure privilege

Original logo sticker (common throughout Blu-ray & DVD BOX)

The TV Tokyo main office. WEB-limited privilege

The TV Tokyo main office. We attach double privilege "canned tote bag & Soul Man logo badge" as original privilege toward reservation, the purchase in WEB!

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