[program summary] Colossal intellect, Terry Ito that the field is large appears in TV TOKYO since former popular long-running program "payslip" from cabaret club to North Korea after an interval of three years. We expect in first MC! With best talented woman, Serina of SDN48, we hit employee of attention company directly. "Company laughable economic variety that there is and gets the material, and to read "yuru - ku" by Japanese economy that there is" that everybody can sympathize with in office workers while hitting "question that it is simple, and stupid" that there is not of what determine by normal economic program, and is mentioned! !On earth what kind of chemical change does "Terry Ito vs. attention company employee" lay?…? [MC] Terry Ito, Serina (SDN48)

March 19 broadcast

This time of Akihabara latest; introduce funny business!
Terry Ito and Serina appear in location by oneself, and it is unbelievable (secret); is still infiltration coverage in shop!
Idol is waiting on customers (secret) line shop? (secret) popular shop of Boys love?
In Akihabara that continues evolving, we still press secret of business!