In place, what's this?
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Program summary

Collected Japan from the start from foreign countries;, "what's this?" We introduce many things!


In Saturday special place, what's this?


George Tokoro

Miki Shigeta (TV TOKYO announcer)

Yusuke Inoue (NON STYLE), Terada feeling, Yu Sawabe (haraichi), Okada fruition, Maasa Takahashi

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In Saturday special place, what's this? In Saturday special place, what's this?
In Saturday special place, what's this? In Saturday special place, what's this?


Of Africa, what's this? Frequent occurrence zone Namib Sand Sea

Namibia Namib Sand Sea, there that are famous as the world's oldest desert, what's this? It was place where scenes which wanted to appeal for this occurred frequently in! 

We are seen only for <ten minutes! Miraculous superb view such as picture>
Namib Sand Sea is said to be the world's most beautiful desert, and it is said that there is miraculous superb view which should be called the symbol.
The coverage staff spends night in desert, and it is succeeded in morning, the following day by the shooting! Studio performer is really excited at superb view such as picture very much, too!

Mystery circle of alien whom people of <desert are afraid of?>
People, toppuna group of desert has act of alien and place handed down for a long time.
The earth where place such as circle that there has grass growing on circle spreads out innumerably.
On earth why was such a place born?
In place, what's this? In place, what's this? In place, what's this?

Of Mexico, what's this? Lake mysterious bottom of the earth turning into four colors

There is "underwater cave" called senote in Mexico Yucatan.
Transparency of wed is place that is available to tourists highly, but it is said that Lake bottom of the earth that is not allowed of there being more than 200 meters of depth of the water among them, and only specialty diver entering exists and is four-colored in Lake one bottom of the earth, and there is mysterious place where color of wed takes place of.
Program sneaks into Lake bottom of the earth! We press mystery to turn into four colors! Furthermore, we introduce Lake bottom of the earth of the TV first infiltration of Japan.
Surprising superb view was waiting there!

What's this, do you charge at the expeditionary party world? IN Malaysia

What's this? Shouei of exploration captain has an adventure very much abroad? Cameron Highland where it is famous as treasure house of huge insects to go of Malaysia. If this one step of ground which is known as plateau resort advances to interior; treasure house of creature. We challenge capture of stag beetle that exploration captain, Shouei shines in gold!
In Saturday special place, what's this?