It is real condition show in anything : TV TOKYO

Late-night batting center, deep-discount supermarket,
As for dressing room of talent, midnight downtown, the woman making up,
Variety that the real condition makes all the all things in nature anywhere anytime.

The highlight

Speaking of thing which is indispensable to watching sports "the real condition!"
Various situation everyday as for this program like sports broadcast,
Program that it is the first among TV world showing by "the hot real condition!"
We widen fun of "the real condition" for daily life,
"Late-night batting center,"
"State of woman making up,"
"The contest in deep-discount supermarket,"
Besides, we cannot readily usually see,
As for "the states in dressing room of talent,"
We make various daily scenes look fun in real condition form,
It is entertainment program.


The real condition

Kazuo Tokumitsu, Kazuya Masuda (TV TOKYO announcer)


Tsutomu Sekine, Yoshiaki Kanemura, ogune, Jun Komori, Shinji Takehara


Mai Fukuda who is Toshiya Sakai, Takatoshi Kaneko, Ayumu Kato (the conspiracy), kei, Aoshima autumn