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In "gourmet Season6 of drama 24 loneliness" press conference ground, it is the first meeting for Yutaka Matsushige☆

April 7, 2017

Be attracted by good smell,

nanana having come over?

(0:12 start tonight!)

no preview & press conference meeting place!

When we enter the inside promptly…

We discover appetizing cutlet sandwich!

Although hand almost grows unintentionally, during “ work, we are working! With ",

nanana which strongly endures to eat later for pleasure.

When we enter interview ground while looking at cutlet sandwich in looking askance at,

Stand panel!

With much effort…When we decide pojingu while having to, panel?

(0:12 start tonight!)

Well, Yutaka Matsushige playing ikoretogo* of main character,


Astonishment surprised at nanana in sudden event!

When do; saying "nice to meet you,"

He/she shook hands from Yutaka Matsushige kindly.

In warm hand of such Yutaka Matsushige,

nanana which was completely healed.

Finally, we ask to take souvenir picture together and are satisfied very much!

We can say hello with Yutaka Matsushige, and interview is over safely in this way, too,

We eat cutlet sandwich afterward…! When we come back to to interview ground entrance…


It is ... in “ anything unintentionally! With ",

We have done "lonely" cry in heart.

Hungry person

We enjoy mo more realistically and should be able to watch! In to, positive

nanana which changed feeling.

What kind of dish comes out this time?…

It was nanana which couldn't help being long in coming.

ikoretogo* of Yutaka Matsushige main character playing,

We drop in at restaurant that we found in business of work aimlessly,

"Time of supreme bliss" to eat thing which we thought to want to eat freely,

By all means,

(0:12 start tonight!)

Please enjoy deo!

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