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"Three old bird 3 - white hats, mitabi! In ..., it is acted in the same play by synchronization☆

March 10, 2017

So far,

ni, nanana where we appeared twice in the past.

This time,

Possibly may you have you call “? With ",

When we are waiting quietly while looking down on the past work……?

We have you call out from A producer whether thought went,

(Friday, March 10 8:00 broadcast)

In ni, being able to let you appear a little!

Great, “! "

Besides, we appear with Announcer Reina Washimi of the same period this time!

nanana which was excited at toiu joy the day before, and was not able to be idle very much.

The photography day that we reached in this way.

To Manager Tatsuzo Inohara,

We would like “ today! When, with ", we say hello…?

We gave encouragement saying "we do our best like nanana!".

nanana which entered the spot for bread by words of supervision.

While standing, and identifying position as Announcer Washimi of the same period,

We rehearse several times….

Public performance that we reached!

In bond of the same period, we showed breath good performance and were able to get "OK".

nanana which photography was finished safely, and was flat.

When we play with table tennis racket of small tools plonk……?

"nanana to!"

It is called out by Shigeru Izumiya of performer,

Furthermore, Tomoko Fujita saying "let's take photograph,"

In calling out, and taking souvenir picture together.


Saying "I want to take nanana and photograph, too,"

We have you call out from Azusa Mine of performer,

Furthermore, Hisahiro Ogura,

We were able to take photograph with Jun Nishiyama together.

In harmonious atmosphere of performers,

It was nanana which became really comfortable,

It does not become if we do not go for the next work….

The spot of “ "three old birds,"

After all with   na - "pleasant,

We seemed to leave the spot while doing heartily.

Announcer Washimi of in synchronization with nanana,

What kind of costarring did you achieve?

By all means,

Please give me ogo *!

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