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Let's learn judo!

November 15, 2017

To judoist, Mika Sugimoto of London Olympics silver medalist,

We seem to be able to be taught "new rule of judo"…?

... which went to study!

To judo wear after a long absence with or "can move properly na ~,"

At first, it was tense nanana?

Very kindly carefully about "new rule of judo,"

In candidness of commenting Mika Sugimoto,

In no time friendly nanana.

We will not do one of just just condition…

“ ya! With ",
Of thing which we challenged to game bravely?

In no time……

One of the foot techniques of judo has been decided.


It is run until lying-down trick……?

nanana of complete defeat.

We catch in the end until instruction and will not do…….

“ a - re! "

With both head and bodies,
nanana which we learned about "new rule of judo" well.

On Saturday, December 2, we hold on Sunday, December 3

In this completely.

Of Mika Sugimoto and nanana

Pleasant "judo course" video is released!

Please see state that breath just matched by all means!

Video checks this!

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