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In order to photograph legendary rare animal "kina", to iza odyssey! However, it is ... in the destination.

Business trip to Hakata

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With "TV guy nanana"


For the latest animation of popular creator, sentence Satoshi Hara
The luxurious casts gather!
We broadcast in TV TOKYO on Friday, April 6 and start!
Every Friday 9:54 p.m. ... ※The first broadcast is ... at 10:48 p.m.


Sentence Satoshi Hara known as CG animation creators such as animation "The World of GOLDEN EGGS" or Disney "cubic mouse series" will produce latest original animation "TV guy nanana" which it becomes approximately ten years since the last than "The World of GOLDEN EGGS"!
Characters that what sentence Satoshi Hara dealt with this time did figure of banana. Hmm? TV TOKYO banana employee "nanana?" ? ? No, in fact, it is shooting crew of poor TV station "terebinanana" which it is done inspire by nanana, and sentence Satoshi Hara produced. They receive command of producer and go to the jungle in order to take scoop picture of legendary rare animal "kina". If succeed in shooting; the world's first splendid achievement! However, difficulty stands in the way in sequence in front. Fierce animal to attack…Villager who is going to make sacrifice of God…Rich TV station of rival…And the greatest enemy "is low-budget"! You succeed in taking picture of kina safely, and can you get high television ratings as expected?


Entertainer Bibiru Oki who it is not only variety and conte to play voice of daring fiery zeal director, seven Oka, and gains popularity between tea as host. It is actor Yoichi Nukumizu playing an active part in the stage, drama, movie of many that always play photographer, voice of Nanatsumori that seems to be uneasy. And voice of AD, Nanatsuyama that follows location while complaining bleatingly continues being loved by individual talking, and entertainer mutter Shiro playing an active part plays even the stage or the narration.


Many each generation popularity programs of TV TOKYO comes up as parody! Luxurious guest voice actor whom saraniatto is surprised at appears one after another! Animation of surging wave that spirited creator and unique performers take charge. Please expect!


TV guy nanana TV guy nanana

Appearance character


Seven Oka (Nana Oka)
Director, exploration reporter

Seven Oka (Nana Oka) Bibiru OkiPart of seven Oka / Bibiru Oki


Part of seven Oka / Bibiru Oki comment

Worthless!" ,, "what's this" "On earth we want to do anything!", , "really broadcasting" We collected this in spite of being thought. In other words, it was really interesting! It is very important when we play in TV! It is work thinking of this some other time. sho
I was in charge of the part of captain, but member mutters Yoichi Nukumizu; lines called Shiro. Sen pies which are good at art to include taste and the skill and habit. Will we see a little? You who thought of this! We do not let you be sorry! We grin if we notice! It is the best if you can enjoy in spite of being feed!



Nanatsumori (Nana harpoon)

Nanatsumori (Nana harpoon) Yoichi NukumizuNanatsumori position / Yoichi Nukumizu


Nanatsumori position / Yoichi Nukumizu comment

Collecting was very fun. Collecting seems to begin for feeling such as extension of chat all too soon. All the characters dressed in banana which Satoshi Fumihara dealt with are good to voice of three people. Particularly, it almost began to blow for ad lib battle not to stop of scared you and mutter. I am sorry that we do not all enter concerning shaku.
We kick out high audience rating for idea that is low-budget, and is original and think that we can make such an animation that it is loose and is fun simply because it is program present TV TOKYO of topic bringing about much. It was really good that we could participate.
Many difficulty before putting legendary rare animal "kina" in camera is thrilling and are full of surreal perfect score, loose laughter.
We cannot separate eyes till the last.



Nanatsuyama (Mt. Nana)

Nanatsuyama (Mt. Nana) Mutter ShiroNanatsuyama (Mt. Nana) position /
Mutter Shiro


Nanatsuyama (Mt. Nana) position / mutter Shiro comment

As for collecting of normal animation, performer entered recording room and we stood while looking at screen and performed, but we sat down on chair around table this time and were surprised as supervision was style to enter recording room together more. But as supervisor was in the neighbor, there is exchange of opinions smoothly and thinks that there is not feeling of strain generally and was able to record relaxedly. As "Nanatsuyama" was told "to be just enough" from Manager Fumihara, we just played. Well, because we say that we are just enough.
The highlight of this product right out "self-torture of TV Tokyo!" Please enjoy.



Script, supervision: Sentence Satoshi Hara comment

It is short animation which we have agreement of many various places in hot thought for TV TOKYO which was taken care of in various meanings since high school student, and it was possible for.
From glory to black history, please enjoy adventure fighting scene of a little less than three minutes when you fully packed with charm of TV TOKYO for loose feeling!



Producer: Fuminori Kobayashi (TV TOKYO) comment

It is low-budget, and love and creator, Satoshi Fumihara featuring style including poison will play with panting TV TOKYO to the full. Character of poor TV station and banana, successive program parody come up in sequence, too. It is Bibiru Oki, Yoichi Nukumizu, mutter Shiro to have sympathized with such bad paste. We inspired character whom Fumihara drew with breath and drove recklessly very much. Though there is not, fri plays for idea and gut! Well, TV guy nanana, odyssey begin!


Poverty TV station "terebinanana" did nothing but ratings race with the rival station day in and day out every day while covering little production costs by wisdom and physical strength and teamwork. However, signboard program which took the highest audience rating is canceled suddenly, and company falls into crisis. Director, seven Oka was given a certain mission from producer to save "terebinanana". Thing that it photographs legendary rare animal "kina" where anyone has not succeeded in shooting until now and does the world's first splendid achievement in program. Seven Oka went to the jungle promptly with photographer, Nanatsumori and AD, Nanatsuyama. However, difficulty stands in the way before seven Oka in sequence. Fierce animal to attack…Villager who is going to make sacrifice of God…Rich TV station of rival…And the greatest enemy "is low-budget"! Can seven Oka really photograph kina safely? And can program get high television ratings?

Program summary

Program name "TV guy nanana"
On airdate Friday, April 6, 2018 start every Friday 9:54 p.m. ...
※The first broadcast is ... at 10:48 p.m.
Appearance (voice) Bibiru Oki Yoichi Nukumizu mutter Shiro, others
Script, supervision Sentence Satoshi Hara
Animation studio crocodile
Producer Fuminori Kobayashi (TV TOKYO) sei*ko
Production TV TOKYO /studiocrocodile
Production cooperation 33 korekutibu
The original studio crocodile, TV TOKYO
Production writing "TV guy nanana" production Committee