Chimeric television : TV TOKYO

It is "variety program which is laughable only in voice" which does dubbing in movie, drama, news, various programs including animation because officials (entertainer) of TV station called "chimeric television" raise audience rating (interesting rate) of audience (guest).
We judge each work which entertainers performed dubbing of in "interesting rate" which guest becomes judge named audience, and likened fun to audience rating. On earth who is it that acquire highest "interesting rate" by this program which the true value of entertainer is asked?

"Obtain picture from various places without permission dubbing TV station which do, and broadcasts for delusion" it "delusion television."

Recruitment of interesting video University!

Program recruits interesting videos from all of you very much!
"Entertainer makes postrecording to your original picture"

Being closed up must arrive at 12/26

In application terms following as for the person wanting video which oneself photographed to perform dubbing
You record on DVD or tape, and, after agreement, please mail to the following address.

Application terms

※All the rights of posted video belong to TV TOKYO.
※All the subjects of posted video should get permission of broadcast, all responsibility of contributor shall suffer.
※Please note that the media (DVD, tape) of posted video does not return
※Personal information having you provide in the case of application takes responsibility according to fate of "privacy policy" that TV TOKYO determines and manages.

<address> 〒 105-8012 TV TOKYO "delusion television" person in charge


naitsu fool rhythm rotchi, sound, U-shaped construction, Eiko Kano, Megumi Yasu, Sayumi Michishige (Morning Musume)
Miho Ohashi (TV TOKYO announcer)