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Recruitment of 2018 TV TOKYO outside the company monitors

Offer was finished.
Thank you for your application.

1. Term
From April, 2018 to March, 2019
2. Application condition
  • (1) In people living in the Kanto district 18 years old or older one (as for the high school student, impossible) younger than 70 years
  • (2) Appointed TV TOKYO which can watch program anytime
  • (3) You see 4-6 a year program, and please submit report by our designated format.
       We give reward that is suitable for every program which had you monitor.
3.The offer staff
20 (for each ten men and women)
4.Application method

You look at one program of TV TOKYO,

  • (1) Program name which you looked at
  • (2) Opinion and impression (around 200 characters) to program
  • (3) Zip code, address
  • (4) Full name (please write furigana jointly)
  • (5) Sex
  • (6) Age
  • (7) Occupation
  • (8) Family constitution
  • (9) Phone number
  • (10) E-mail address (as for the text message, impossible)

Please send this to the following addresses with sealed letter after specification. (limited to sealed letter for personal information protection)

5. Address
Person in charge of TV TOKYO programming division audience center outside the company monitor

※Please apply with sealed letter by all means.

6. Application period
Wednesday, February 28, 2018 (effective postmark on that day)
7. Adoption decision
By the end of March, 2018, I will inform listed contact information by email.
We exchange with announcement with notice to adopter.
8. Others
When application condition has change, forgive.
※We manage personal information that we had severely and discard as soon as monitor offer period outside the company is expired.
In addition, we may not use in purpose except recruitment of monitors outside the company.