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  • Woman of Ireland - Irishman dance & music
    Riverdance, participation members of kerutikku woman gather! Quite popular group visits Japan for the first time in United States, Ireland! Friday, July 19, 20th Saturday @ Tokyo Bunka-mura orchard hall Sunday, July 21 @ Kanagawa Kanagawa citizen of the prefecture hall
  • mierino Kashiwagi DVD-BOX
    AKB48 Yuki Kashiwagi lead drama is decision DVD, Blu-ray! We collect precious pictures such as making pictures. Luxurious BOX specifications plan including W buyer application privilege with & Yuki Kashiwagi solo debut single "shortcake" with booklet specially made as for the first limited production! Friday, June 28 release!
  • Complicated SUMMERS 2 DVD-BOX (Vol.18 & 19)
    "Complicated SUMMERS" which miraculous laughter that SUMMERS cannot predict is born as. Wednesday, March 6 release! [collecting contents] It is Oimachi (1)(2)(3), Asagaya (1)(2)(3), two countries (1)(2)(3) Vol.18 It is Ochanomizu (1)(2)(3), Minami-Senju (1)(2)(3), Takinogawa (1)(2)(3) Vol.19