Aim mini-shikakerisenshuken 2014 ...! Japan Cup ...

[MC] Impulse [appearance] JOY, Bobby Ologun, Ayaka Umeda (NMB48), Kodai Tazawa (bear and blue)

July 21, 2014 Monday (holiday) asa from 8:00 to 8:55

Race serious in world's smallest motor sports loved more than generation, mini-shikakeri entertainer! Who is entertainment world fastest ha as expected? We introduce point of remodeling and the painting clearly. Both mini-shikakeri fan and inexperienced person must see it!

Popularity of mini-shikakeri recurs, and official meeting is unfolding now in each places of the whole country. Local lace which hobby shop hosts is full of much mini-shikakeri fans. "Mini-shikakerisenshuken 2013" which we broadcasted became reputation in various quarters, and it was program which was informed by inexperienced person, people of a lot of beginners and others the pleasure let alone mini-shikakeri fan last year. And we heat up more this time, and performer challenges race using official circuit of all-Japan championship "Japan Cup 2014" of mini-shikakeri. I send program conveying remodeling, charm of profound mini-shikakeri including the capture method of race from assembling!
We set bearing roller in each place to add to stability. We choose heavy o of trout damper set for bound measures after jump. Motor chose hyper dash 3 motor.
As for the motor, hyper dash motor is professional. As it was motor which was high power, we put on front under guard and rear trout damper for shunt measures and found stability well.
Point is under guard and studio bihead of the front desk. Besides, we strengthened trout damper and raised stability thoroughly. Motor chooses hyper dash 3 motor. Do Umeda, upset of beginner become?
For stable cornering, we put 19 millimeters of aluminum bearing rollers on the rear two steps of aluminum rollers at the front desk. "Lantern" that Kuroki of companion made the maximum points with FRP plate! The as expected effect?
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